Published on Sunday, 13th March 2016


Last week Natural England held an open evening on how the proposed all-England coastal path will be routed through Portsmouth. They've only just started work on this stretch of the coastline, so there are no plans yet - this meeting was just about the process.


Rather than follow local authority borders, they are working on harbours: so details of the Langstone Harbour route - covering both eastern Portsmouth and Hayling - will emerge in about a year's time, while plans for Portsmouth Harbour, from Old Portsmouth round to Gosport will come forward at a later date.


Where a coastal path already exists, this will become the new route and as most of Portsmouth already has a coastal path, the amount of new footpath construction will be limited. For obvious reasons it will also have to divert inland by the Naval Base and the commercial port, so that leaves two stretches where something may happen: from the Eastney swimming paths round to St James' hospital and from Tipner to the marina in Port Solent.


At this point, it is not clear what standard any new paths will be built to. It is also an option to sign either or both of the gaps in the existing network along roads, so it could be that the route around Eastney is along Henderson Road and over Bransbury Park.


My diary shows another drop-in session is being held on this coming Friday (the 18th) at the Bransbury Community Centre starting at 5pm. I can't find the original invite e-mail, so apologies if that is in anyway incorrect.

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